AR Advertising &

Interactive Marketing

We work with 3d designers to create interesting and meaningful Augmented Reality solutions to help our partners‘ business grow and enhance customer’s journey. AR makes advertising more efficient with lower cost.


You can post short 3D animated messages, images, Emoji or hand-drawings which will be displayed according to geo-location. By blending digital objects and information with the environment around you, Hippo takes social information beyond the screen, freeing them to interact with the real world in entirely new and immersive ways. 

Fun & Creative

Hippo is powered by cutting-edge AR Technology

Visual Inertial


Scene Understanding

Lighting Estimation

Rendering Optimizations

Big Data



3 Young guys who are passionate about AR. 1 full-stack developer, 1 film and animation artist and 1 online marketing specialist. We want to bring people to a better world with Augmented Reality.

Our Story

AR is the next big thing! But, there is a gap between now and the moment when AR devices fully mature and take over the market.  We want to build something people want and can be used right now, a KILLER APP of AR for smartphone to fill this gap.

"Dreams are the only reality"

by Federico Fellini

Our Vision

With cutting-edge AR and 3D animation technology, Hippo is always pushing the boundary of the potential of AR. We make AR experience more initiative​ and interactive. 


Tel: 347-200-5684

250 West 50th Street, New York, NY 10019

Zehao Li



PhD Candidate in Physics in Massachusetts Institute of Technology

B.A. in Physics in Peking University


Founder and CTO of 9-A-M

Led tech team, created 2 products of 1 million+ users

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Wei Lyu



M.A. in Visual Art Management in New York University

B.A. in Film Production in Peking University

Experienced in film and animation making, visual design

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Xin Sun



MBA in Newcastle University

B.A. in Online Marketing in Macau University of Science and Technology

Online Marketing Specialist at Alibaba Group

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